Young Explorer’s Club


Purposeful Design: Young Explorer’s Club

Page 1 from the Student Workbook

Page 1 from the Student Workbook

Introducing a child’s workbook that goes side by side with the coffee table book text – to increase the experience of the young reader and help with their comprehension. The Young Explorer’s Club

includes seven chapter sets in both a children’s workbook format and a teacher’s answer key. The teacher’s set also includes a certificate of completion for each chapter the student completes.

As children of various ages and grades have varying levels of comprehension, moms, dads, and teachers will readily see ways to adjust their approach for the maximum kid’s learning. Please help with answers where needed. You will note that the workbooks are structured to make the youngsters THINK, stretch their minds and comprehension, and become more aware of some of the Bible’s wonderful scriptures – – and, even pray! Your participation as a parent or teacher will certainly make the “exploration” fun and successful!

In the future we will revise the workbooks to organize the question sets by age group. Please get back to me with your ideas and comments, so we can continually make improvements to the “Young Explorer’s Club” (Jay Schabacker –

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Young Explorer’s Club: Student Workbook


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Young Explorer’s Club: Teacher Answer Key (includes certificates)


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