Reviewed in Home School Enrichment Magazine

Posted on Feb 27, 2014

HomeSchoolEnrichmentMagazineCoverPurposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is a unique walk through the Genesis Creation Week. Author Jay Schabacker has done a masterful job of showing how the world – and the entire universe – works reliably and in harmony, as designed and created by God.

The book contains seven chapters – one for each day of the Creation Week. Each chapter focuses on what was created or done on that day, what it means, and how the different aspects of the creation work in concert with one another. The result is a lively, varied look at the world around us and the precision with which it was designed by God.

Highly eclectic in nature, Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is not an explanation of Creation science. Rather, its purpose is to show the beauty and harmony of the universe, and especially of our world. The inescapable conclusion is that everything we see (not to mention everything we can’t see) was created by God to work exactly as it does.

Something I found particularly appealing were the frequent “What if?” questions that are either asked or implied throughout the book. For example, have you ever wondered what would happen if the earth’s surface had even a slight difference in the ratio of sea to land? Or, what if the earth was tilted slightly differently on its axis than it is? It turns out these things matter more than you might think!

Suitable for children and adults alike, Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is interesting and easy to read, or to simply flip through in odd moments here and there. Beautifully hardbound and replete with gorgeous photography, this would make a great coffee table book or gift item, and is sure to be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of any homeschool family who wants to cultivate thankfulness and awe in their children for the God of Creation!

– Product Review – Home School Enrichment Magazine, Mar/Apr 2014, page 90,