Purposeful Design Book


Purposeful Design Book


Purposeful Design beautifully reveals the principles of science that operate our world. It masterfully explains the elements of designs that make life possible, and compellingly presents evidence that a loving Creator God was purposeful in these designs. The author, Mr. Schabacker, a former aerospace scientist and businessman, seems to know the art of storytelling. The book delights the senses with beautifully depictive pictures, and easy to understand explanations of complex science concepts.

Within the framework of the seven days of creation, Mr. Schabacker, details the earth’s orbit, speed and rotation. He explains the rain cycle, the importance of vegetation, the seasons, the phases of the moon, and the gravitational pull on the ocean tides. He explains celestial navigation and the innate instincts of bird migration patterns. Bible verses are interwoven

Purposeful Design was so purposefully designed that it is appealing to all ages. The illustrations are part of the explanation making the concepts easier to understand. Everyone will learn something from this book. We so often go through life without truly understanding the details of our creation that continuously point us to a purposeful design. Thank you, Mr. Schabacker, for helping to give the next generation a solid foundation. This is perfect “Coffee Table” material because everyone should just stop and ponder.throughout the book reminding us of God’s hand in creation.

Debbie Rogers
Head of School
Heritage Christian AcademyLexington, SC


From The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, February, 2014

Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation” would be a beautiful treasure to have in any home, Sunday school classroom or church library. It wonderfully illustrates the way God took care to design every aspect of our universe. Perhaps more importantly, it shows how God loves mankind so much that he created a world to nurture, protect, and bless us.

A portion of a Product Review by Cristi Schwamb