A Sampling of Comments from Readers

“I am looking forward to sharing it with my grandchildren and their parents.” – Aleda

“What a gift to be able to write and explain the creation to us and to children.” – Alyce

“I know it will be thought provoking and will provide an introspective review of one’s self.” – Andy

“Jay, the book is awesome.” – Barbara

“This book is beautiful – I would like 4 copies.” – Brenda

“I want to pay you for five copies of the book.” – Bruce

“I just spent a very enjoyable time reading your book on-line. Please, please, send me a copy of the book, so I can share it with my granddaughters.” – Carol

“The book deserves to be high on the Best Sellers list.” – Clark

“I think this book will be very useful to parents who are home schooling their kids.” – Dan

“This may have been Christmas presents that I have been looking for.” – David

“I would be interested in your book for our grand kids – one nine and one eleven.” – Donald

“I skimmed through it – bringing tears to my eyes. I may change my mind about my favorite part, but right now the Epilogue, “Who made the cookies”, is it.” – Nancy

“I will certainly be using it and recommending it for my contacts as the Lord gives opportunity.” – Perry

“I am sure my daughter will enjoy reading the book.” – Peter

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation would be a beautiful treasure to have in any home, Sunday school classroom, or church library. It wonderfully illustrates the way God took care to design every aspect our universe. Perhaps more importantly, it shows how God loves mankind so much that he created a world to nurture, protect, and bless us.” – The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

“Suitable for children and adults alike, Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation is interesting and easy to read or to simply flip through in odd moments here and there. Beautifully hardbound and replete with gorgeous photography, this would make a great coffee table book or gift item, and it is sure to be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of any homeschool family who wants to cultivate thankfulness and awe in their children for the God of creation!” – Home School Enrichment Magazine

“This would be a great addition for school libraries and classrooms! This book is not one that can be quickly read to a child or a group of children, and absorbed at the same time. It is definitely the kind of book that a child would want to glean on, taking in the useful information throughout the pages.” – Book Review Travels