Download three full chapters from Jay Schabacker’s “Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation”. Chapters 2 (Atmosphere and Water), 4 (Sun, Moon, and Stars), and 6 (Land Creatures and Humans) are included in this PDF download.

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Book Table of Contents (Abbreviated)

Chapter 1 – The First Day

The Foundation of it All

What Keeps Things Going?

Chapter 2 – The Second Day

Creation of the Atmosphere and Water

Quenching the Thirsty Earth – The “Rain Cycle”

Chapter 3 – The Third Day

Creation of the Dry Land and Vegetation

The Importance of Vegetation and Plants to Humans

Chapter 4 – The Fourth Day

Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Many Benefits of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Chapter 5 – The Fifth Day

Creation of the Birds and the Fish

Why the Birds and the Fish were Created

Chapter 6 – The Sixth Day

Creation of Land Creatures and Humans

The Amazing Uniqueness of the Human Being

Chapter 7 – The Seventh Day

The Sabbath is the Day of Rest

Epilogue – Who Made the Cookies?