A new book from Jay Schabacker is in the works: “Scientists Speak About the Biblical Creation”



It would be a beautiful treasure to have in any home, Sunday school classroom, or church library. It wonderfully illustrates the way God took care to design every aspect our universe.

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– The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
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Purposeful Design was so purposefully designed that it is appealing to all ages. The illustrations are part of the explanation making the concepts easier to understand. Everyone will learn something from this book. We so often go through life without truly understanding the details of our creation that continuously point us to a purposeful design. Thank you, Mr. Schabacker, for helping to give the next generation a solid foundation. This is perfect “Coffee Table” material because everyone should just stop and ponder.

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– Debbie Rogers, Headmaster of Heritage Christian Academy
This would make a great coffee table or gift item and is sure to be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of any homeschool family who wants to cultivate thankfulness and awe in their children for the God of Creation! Perhaps more importantly, it shows how God loves mankind so much that he created a world to nurture, protect, and bless us.

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– Home School Enrichment Magazine


From the author:



Imagine how your loved ones would be helped if they all understood and realized that an awesome God created them and loved them very much! That’s why I produced the book, “Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation”. This book is for everyone! It will help your children and grandchildren build upon a foundation of truth. And, there may be some parents who yearn to be a better witness to their children – about the positive aspects of this world. Children are now maturing at ever earlier ages, and are facing more choices, so this is more important now than ever before. The book is short, easy on the eyes, and will go a long way to “break the ice” and to start the discussion with your children that you long for.

– Jay Schabacker